We are very pleased to announce that the RMVCC will be conducting a field gun demonstration and their Corps of Drums will be putting on a display in the Main Ring at 3pm.

With their traditional motto ‘Be Worthy’, an ethos to which they expect all of their cadets to aspire, the RMVCC are all volunteers, including instructors who are a mix of former serving Marines and cilvilians.The first Royal Marines Cadets were formed in 1901 at what was then the Royal Marines Artillery barracks in Portsmouth (now home to the Corps Museum), and were called the Royal Marines Artillery Cadet Corps. Soon expanding to Chatham, Plymouth, Deal and Lympstone, the title changed to Royal Marines Volunteer Cadet Corps when they joined with their Royal Naval Cadet colleagues in the 1910s. Formed in 1904, the Plymouth Division was one of the first RMVCC units and has always been based at RM Stonehouse, the traditional home of the Royal Marines in Plymouth. The unit is well supported by 30 Commando IX Group RM, also based in RM Stonehouse, as well as HQ 3 Commando Brigade RM.

Today, the RMVCC has three ‘Divisions’ at:
• Portsmouth (based in HMS Excellent).
• Plymouth (based in RM Stonehouse).
• Lympstone (based in Commando Training Centre).

Boys and girls can join the Royal Marines Cadets between the ages of 9 and 17, and then serve until their 18th birthday. Having joined they undergo 4 to 5 months’ basic training as a recruit and then ‘pass out’ during a ceremonial parade in front of family and friends having been inspected by a senior officer. Once passed out they can join the Band (if their unit has one) or become a General Duties cadet.