The Devil’s Horsemen

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The Devil’s Horsemen

The Devil’s Horsemen love returning to their roots to entertain live crowds when they are not filming – an experience that is as invigorating for their horses as it is for their riders. For audiences, it is a fantastic opportunity to meet the famous equine stars and to witness them perform enthralling film-set stunts and tricks in real life.


Originating on the Russian Steppe, The Cossacks are famed for their horsemanship in military history. During times of peace, their daring battle techniques were transformed into acrobatics on horseback.

The Devil’s Horsemen’s fully choreographed show includes trick-riding, a Roman-riding race, liberty acts, carousel displays and a classical high school dressage display with full commentary and background music.

For this show, our team needs physical fitness, gymnastic ability and a horse who enjoys tearing along at a full gallop, while it’s rider performs hangs, drags, vaults, and saddle stands.

2018 Catering Tender Pack now available

The 2018 Catering Tender Pack is now available

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