2019 – The Dog and Duck Display

The Dog and Duck Display will be making two appearances in the Main Ring.

The first is due at 13.30 with the second scheduled for 15.00 so make sure you plan this into your time at the show.

82Es 300x200 - 2019 - The Dog and Duck Display


84Es 300x120 - 2019 - The Dog and Duck Display






The Sheep Show

The well-known Sheep Show will also be on site to entertain you during the day.

This is a humorous live stage show about sheep and wool.

Nine breeds will be introduced onto their own stage and don’t miss the Dancing Sheep!

Edu-tainment at it’s best.

rural pictures paid for Rich 2015 300x169 - 2019 - The Dog and Duck Display

The New Zealand style team of presenters educate and entertain with their fantastic sheep all over the country. ‘Nobby’ the Norfolk Horn stands centre stage while others are introduced to their podiums. We learn about each breeds’ attributes and how wool from the sheep’s back becomes a jumper to wear. The shearing demonstration is well commentated and will have you captivated.

The 30 minute show is cleverly devised and is highly entertaining and extremely informative, a rare combination. The highlight of the show is the “The sheep show Hustle . Dancing sheep!!

The Sheep Show is set on its own stage trailer with multiple performances and back stage, the stars can be seen throughout the day.

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